Sunday Block 1
Independent Pilot Competition
Program Running Time is 70 min
Framed Framed
Created By: Claire McFadden
United States, 10 min

This Chicago-set improvised series goes behind the counter of a custom frame shop, where a parade of customers reveal their troubles, aspirations, and drama in the process of framing their precious art.

John Loos: Too Big For This World John Loos: Too Big For This World
Created By: John Loos
United States, 17 min

A queer sketch comedy show for all the ex-football player drag queens out there.

Ghost Girl Ghost Girl
Created By: Samantha Evans
United States, 19 min

Quirky, crafty, and musical, Ghost Girl focuses on grief and the strength of a life-long friendship between two young women. One's a ghost girl.

Queers! Queers!
Created By: Peter Kim, Eric Lewis-Baker
United States, 8 min

The everyday struggles of a gay odd couple stumbling through adulthood one embarrassment at a time.