Kappa Force
Kappa Force
plays in Tuesday Block 3
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 24 mins)
Created By: Addison Heimann
Executive Produced by:: Addison Heimann and Hannah Welever
Written by:: Addison Heimann
Directed by:: Hannah Welever
Cast:: Jen - Madeline Weinstein, Brad - JJ Phillips, Luke - Dan Wenzel, Penny - Emily Lane, Alexa - Kyra Jones, Pippa - Aja Wiltshire, Lavender - Elle Walker, Cassidy - Alex Fisher, Mom - Michaela Petro, Jeanie - Alanna Rogers, Chartreuse - Emilie Modaff, Kev - Matt Yee, Student 1 - Patrick Agada, Student 2 - Addison Heimann, Brock - Walter Briggs, President Hannigan - Cooper Johnson, Rose - Cindy Gold
Five sorority sisters fight the patriarchy one frat boy at a time.