Ghost Squad
Ghost Squad
plays in Saturday Block 2
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 25 mins)
Created By: Andy Kushnir, Carley Moseley
Executive Produced by:: Andy Kushnir and Carley Moseley
Written by:: Andy Kushnir and Carley Moseley
Directed by:: Andy Kushnir
Cast:: Desperado Miller - Abby McEnany, Sendrick X - Peter Kim, Wind Larmer - Carley Moseley, Zorba Dinkel - Jo Feldman, Orba Dinkel - Neil Jacobsen, Frank Fanning - Damian Anaya, Jodi Furber - Laurel Krabacher, Ramona Caville - Becca Levine, Oscar Caville - Lawrence Collerd, Dan - Nick Gage

A mockumentary series following a ragtag group of paranormal investigators - led by a staunchly optimistic leader - joining forces to suss out ghouls and spirits from homes across the Chicago area.