Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl
plays in Sunday Block 1
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 19 mins)
Created By: Samantha Evans
Executive Produced by:: Samantha Evans
Written by:: Samantha Evans
Directed by:: Nikki DiLoreto
Cast:: Jess - Samantha Evans, Emma Leigh - Laura Cornachio, Cousin Carrie - Casey Tucker, Darby - Lida Darmian, Dirk - Adrian Burke, Ghost Boy - Donald Chang, Ghost Bird - Andrew Coalson, Boring Teacher - Alex Correia, Gerald - Ayden Heron, Funeral Officiant - Tom Kelley, School Announcement - Grace Agnew

Quirky, crafty, and musical, Ghost Girl focuses on grief and the strength of a life-long friendship between two young women. One's a ghost girl.