Brooklyn Moving Company
Brooklyn Moving Company
plays in Thursday Block 2
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 20 mins)
Created By: Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman
Executive Produced by:: Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman, and Krysia Plonka and Tracey Baird (Thank You, Brain! Productions)
Written by:: Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman, and Brendan Ryan
Directed by:: Krysia Plonka
Cast:: Ryan - Ryan Harrington, Isaac - Isaac Himmelman, Mac - Mac Edgery, Brendan - Brendan Ryan, Jessie - Jessie Ruane, Kym - Kym Zlogar, Paolo - Rob Ventre, Wayne - Wayne Mackins, Joleine Talewesky - Molly Ryan, Neil Talewsky - Scott Swayze, Una Talewsky - Oona Dolven, Officer Roy - Ben Maters, Officer Ramirez - Arielle Haller Silverstone
The members of an unconventional moving company try in earnest to transform the lives of their Brooklyn clientele through song and dance.