Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)
Giving Me Life (In the Land of the Deadass)
plays in Tuesday Block 2
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 13 mins)
Created By: Dafina Roberts
Executive Produced by: Dafina Roberts and Amelia Ramirez
Written by: Dafina Roberts
Directed by: Dafina Roberts
Cast: Nala - Lori Laing, Leah - Natalie Jacobs, Travis - Mark St. Cyr, Program Director - Spencer Scott Barros, Teen Girl - Karen Vigo, Crunchy Hippie Interviewer - Martin Ewens, Ad Agency Interviewer - Kerry Flanagan, Hipster Interviewer - Angie Tennant, Randall - Devale Ellis, Jess - Nathaly Lopez, Cam - Sly Maldonado, Gil - Jarvis Tomdio
A provocative dramedy about six Black and Latinx friends of diverse sexualities struggling to live and love in New York.
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