After Oil
After Oil
plays in Friday Block 2
Independent Pilot Competition
(United States, 24 mins)
Created By: Jessica Naftaly, Shailyn Cotten
Executive Produced by: Jessica Naftaly, Shailyn Cotten, and Juana Hodari
Written by: Shailyn Cotten
Directed by: Jessica Naftaly and Shailyn Cotten
Cast: Briar Dunlap - Melina Brown, Sarah Hammond - Kayleigh Shuler, Sally Dunlap - Nadia Gibbs, Josie Gannon - Rosemary Howard, Alan Donahue - Jon Spoto, Val Simpkins - Irene McMahon, Rosemarie Dunlap - Jaime Gibbs, Cole Story - Peter Sweet, Elsie Winn - Erin Morrison, Oscar Pascarella - Joshua Carabello, Pam Miller - Joy Carol, Ryan Miller - Keith Mueller, Eddie - Navaeh Jackson, Earl Gannon - Connor Danz, Jerry Gannon - Forest Cotten, School Kid 1 - Brooklyn Pacheco, School Kid 2 - Brianna Pacheco, School Kid 3 - Bello Pacheco, School Kid 4 - Janiya Holloway, School Kid 5 - Lisa Lopez, School Kid 6 - Jeremiah Barnett, Teen Kid 1 - Edwin Torres, Teen Kid 2 - Quintin Harris, Earl Body Double - Ian Cotten, Detained Refugee - Bruce Feller, Police Officer 1 - Rachel Jordan Temkin, Police Officer 2 - Dylan Chewens, Secretary of State (voice) - Jo Walker, Radio Host (voice) - Geordy Skolnick, Anchor Woman (voice) - Safiya Songhai
In a dystopian future affected by an oil shortage, a young woman discovers there's something sinister behind the disappearance of one of her bike messengers.
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