The Hollywood Radio and Television Society (HRTS) and the NYTVF have teamed up for the Next Generation Committee and Associates Scripts Jury. Featuring top emerging executives from across the television and digital landscape, the Next Generation Committee will serve as the Jury for the Independent Pilot Competition category awards, while members of the Associates Scripts Jury will serve as jurors for the NYTVF Scripts Awards. The committees are designed to provide exclusive access to the best and brightest up-and- coming television executives, agents, managers, and decision-makers and inspire collaboration and engagement with the Festival's most promising producers and writers.


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The HRTS Next Generation Committee


Comprised of JHRTS members from both the Los Angeles and New York chapters, the Next Generation Committee serves as members of the jury for the Independent Pilot Competition Awards. The Festival seeks to engage committee members that excel in their professional posts and roles as JHRTS members as well as exhibit a passion for the discovery and cultivation of new talent.

Next Gen members are also invited to attend and take part in the New York Television Festival (held each fall in NYC), where they receive Industry Pass accreditation and can request meetings with Official Artists.


NYTVF-HRTS Next Generation Committee

In 2018, the NYTVF welcomed 15 new members and 18 returning members to the Next Generation Committee:



  • Allegra Breedlove, Assistant, Current Programming, ABC Studios
  • Chris Bruce, Coordinator, Strategic Content Operations, MTV, VH1, Logo
  • Amanda Buchanan, Development Coordinator, Mitu
  • Daniel Carlin, Coordinator, Content Distribution, NBCUniversal
  • Mychael G. Chinn, Coordinator, Original Movies, Co-Production Series, Lifetime & Lifetime Movies, A+E Networks
  • Nuria Ferriol, Executive Assistant, Barbara Hall Productions, NYC
  • Adam Goldberg, Operations Coordinator, CollegeHumor
  • Julian Griggs
  • Aubrey Lee, Manager of TV Production and Development, Lord Miller
  • Ben Leong, Assistant to the SVPs of Business Affairs, BRON Studios
  • Matthew MacDonald, Assistant to VP/Co-Head of Literary Department, Abrams Artists Agency
  • Elizabeth Mackintosh, Assistant to SVP, Drama Development, Sony Pictures Television
  • Nekia Seymore, Coordinator, Development & Original Programming, truTV
  • Lauren Wiener, Development Associate, Leftfield Pictures
  • Kathleen Yates, Talent and Development Assistant, Comedy Central


  • Alicia Marie Agramonte, Executive Assistant to CEO, Film Coordinator, Revelations Entertainment
  • Sara Barkan, Senior Coordinator, Development & Original Programming, truTV
  • Jessica Bowman, Program Scheduler, HBO
  • Meredith Brace Sloss, Coordinator, British Film Commission
  • Caitlin Doyle, Production Associate, MTV - Viacom Music & Entertainment
  • Fiordalisa Fabian, Assistant, CAA
  • Kristin Fione, Coordinator, Freeform
  • Eric Frank, Executive Assistant, Zero Gravity Management
  • Jason Goldberg, Coordinator, Scripted Development, MTV & VH1
  • Jillian Holch, Assistant to Executive Producer, Sony Pictures Television
  • Tucker Johnson, Manager of Development, Back Roads Entertainment
  • Rachael Lee, Coordinator, Drama Development, ABC Studios
  • Laura Loret de Mola, Associate Manager, Original Programming Strategy, HBO
  • Stephanie Newman-Smith, Manager of Production, Covert Media
  • Albert Payano, Executive Assistant, Global Sales and Distribution, Miramax
  • Larissa Rosen, Production Coordinator, Marvel Entertainment
  • Hannah Shtein, Assistant to the President, Carol Mendelsohn Productions
  • Zac Underwood, Anonymous Content


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The HRTS Associates Scripts Jury


Open exclusively to members of the HRTS Associates branch, the HRTS Associates Scripts Jury enjoy prestige as Jury Members for the NYTVF Scripts Awards. The Jury is designed to engage HRTS Associates members that exhibit a specific interest in narrative storytelling and the cultivation of emerging writing talent.

The Associates jury members are also invited to attend and take part in the annual New York Television Festival, where they receive Industry Pass accreditation and can request meetings with Official Artists.


2018 HRTS Associates Scripts Jury

In 2018, the NYTVF welcomed 8 new members and 5 returning members to the HRTS Associates Scripts Jury:



  • Haley Hamilton, Associate Literary Scout, Franklin & Siegal Scouting
  • Liz Kelly, Manager, Production & Development Labs – Film & TV, Global Inclusion, 21st Century Fox
  • Jonathan Meyers, Director of TV Development and Production, EuropaCorp Studios
  • Adam Neuhaus, Director of Development, ESPN Films
  • Frederic Richter, Director of Development, Tradition Pictures
  • Teale Sperling, Manager, Feature Films and Alternative Programming, Mattel Creations
  • Krystal Stark, Talent Manager/Owner, Stark White Entertainment
  • Liz Wile, Manager, Development, Universal Cable Productions


  • Timothy Cooper, Founder/Owner, Blueprint Screenwriting Group
  • RD Delgado, Producer, Beggar Kings Entertainment
  • Alexander Stegmaier, Producer, Strange Animal
  • Ari Tan, Vice President, Strategy & Operations, Viacom Media Networks
  • Meredith Willis, Director of Development, Calamity Jane Entertainment


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The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. A pioneer of the “independent television” movement, the Festival strives to construct new and innovative paths of development and talent identification, while simultaneously complementing the traditional television development model.

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