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Jarred Christmas, 2014's "Set to Screen" winner, talks comedy from Montreal to New York


jarred New Zealand-born, London-based comedian Jarred Christmas took the TV Pitch honors at 2014's Just for Laughs in Montreal, so the NYTVF sat down for a Q&A with one of our favorite alums to talk pitching, Just for Laughs, and making the most of your New York Television Festival experience.


What was it like presenting your series ideas at the Just For Laughs ComedyPro Conference?


It was great, nerve-wracking, but great. Pitching in front of industry and an audience of a hundred or so is a very unique opportunity. I got very useful feedback and learned valuable lessons about pitching. Know everything about your pitch, know the direction of the second series and the third series. Know your characters and story arcs and be honest and open to the feedback.


What were your experiences at the New York Television Festival?


NYTVF is a total treat of an experience. Being in a room with like-minded and creative people whilst drinking free beer... that is an equation for good times and good contacts. Q&A sessions gave huge insight into the inside machinations of channels. Most of all the pitch sessions, huge learning curve and very encouraging. Don't go in with just one idea, when they say "What else have you got?" bloody well have something. One good idea gets you into the room, having a handful of other well thought out ideas will keep you IN the room.


My whole experience from ComedyPro to NYTVF was fantastic.I found myself surrounded by energetic and passionate people who were professional and most importantly... fun. The logistics of the NYTVF ran smoothly and all the festival organisers were absolute champions. A true showcase of brilliance and a social experiment of what happens when writers, comedians and producers get drunk in a room together. The answer is beautiful chaos.


Check out Jarred on Twitter and submit to the NYTVF-JFL Set-to-Screen Competition by next Friday, 5/15.




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