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Rory Covey, creator of My Damn Channel's Honchos


HonchosAs part of our ongoing Development Download series, the NYTVF sat down with NYTVF Alum Rory Covey, whose series Honchos, an Official Selection at NYTVF 2013, recently premiered on My Damn Channel. Danny spoke about his development history, the creative process, and more:


Your series, Honchos, recently premiered on My Damn Channel. How did that come about?

We had submitted Honchos as an entry in the NYTVF Short-Form Storytellers contest. To our collective amazement, we made it to the finals, which meant we would have a chance to pitch it live in front of an audience and panel of judges. So we did, and though we didn't win first prize, one of the judges happened to be Rob Barnett, who is the Founder of My Damn Channel. He approached us after the show and asked if we'd like to work with My Damn Channel, which, of course, we obviously did. So we ended up walking away feeling like winners after all. It was a pretty kick ass day. 


mdcWhat has it been like working with My Damn Channel?

Really great. They're super supportive as far as promoting the show and technical end stuff with YouTube while also being very hands off as far as content goes. They let us pretty much do what we want note free. 


You created Honchos and do the voices along with the improv troupe Taco Knight. How much improv goes into the final product, and what's it like working with a team?

A lot. We have a very loose idea of what each pitch will be about but don't rehearse dialogue or anything like that. Some times we'll go back and try different ways a scene could go based on an idea that gets fleshed out during a recording session, but even then, it's improvised. The team is the best. Sarah, Brian, and I have all worked together for quite a few years so we can really play off each other. It also helps they're naturally hilarious. Really we're just trying to make each other laugh. 


Was the show created out of a desire to make something animated, or did that enter in as the show developed?

The idea from the beginning was to create an animated series. I like to draw and improvise, and it seemed like a fun way to do both. Joey, the recording and editing whiz for Honchos, worked with me to develop the idea to really play off our strengths. 


The first episodes have already aired, and are great. What do we have to look forward to in the rest of the season and beyond?

More bad movie pitches, more of Sarah and me acting incredulous, time traveling pizza.


Do you have any advice for independent creators looking to develop their ideas and get them out into the world?

Just do it? I'm quoting a sneaker now, but really, just get it going. You can't wait for an idea to be perfect in your head before you start or it may never get there. I find it uncomfortable, putting something I created out there for anyone to see, but its exciting too, and helps you grow as an artist, and that's what it's all about.




Congratulations to Rory and his team on all their success! You can watch full episodes of Honchos on My Damn Channel.


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