NYTVF Scripts is accepting original, half-hour comedy series scripts for consideration by broadcast, cable, and digital platform buyers. To enter, writers must submit a series pilot script (20 to 40 pages), along with an original series overview (up to 4 pages), and a current C.V.

Want to get your script in front of decision-makers across the television and digital landscape, culminating in a week-long Festival that provides a crash course in the TV Industry? Submit to NYTVF Scripts and join the indie television movement.

The following is a list of questions most commonly asked by script-writers who are submitting to the NYTVF Scripts Competition. For a full list of rules and guidelines, please visit the main NYTVF Scripts Page here.

If you have any further questions, please visit ASK NYTVF or contact us directly at scripts@NYTVF.com

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NYTVF Scripts 101:

Q: Are international submissions accepted?

A: The NYTVF accepts submissions to NYTVF Scripts from anywhere in the world. However, please note that submission fees are payable in U.S. dollars and all NYTVF Scripts submissions must be written in English.

Q: Does the NYTVF offer notes on my script?

A: Due to the volume of submissions received, the NYTVF, in accordance with our rules and guidelines, does not offer feedback on script submissions.

Q: Can I submit more than one script to NYTVF Script?

A: Yes, absolutely. You will need to pay a separate entry fee for each submission.

Q: Can I submit a script for a pilot that has already been produced?

A: You can submit a script for a produced pilot, if that pilot was independently financed. If you are submitting a script for a series developed by a network or studio, that script is ineligible.

Q: I submitted (or plan to submit) a pilot to the 2016 Independent Pilot Competition. May I submit the script for that project?

A: Yes, but you will need to pay a separate entry fee.

Q: Can I submit a drama script?

A: Not at this time. The initial launch of NYTVF Scripts is specifically seeking unique comedic voices.

Q: Can I submit a first draft of my script?

A: You can, but every submission is given to our NYTVF Selection Committee without notes, and your script will be treated as a ‘final version’ edit. You may not have the opportunity to submit an updated final version later.

Q: My comedy script is longer than 40 pages. Can I still submit?

A: If your script exceeds the 40 page limit, the NYTVF Selection Committee reserves the right to read the first 40 pages alone and make evaluations based on the content included therein. The NYTVF Selection Committee may also return to the creator and ask that the script be edited to fit the page restrictions in order for it to be named an Official Selection.

Entry Materials:

Q: Is there a page requirement for my script?

A: Yes. Script submissions should be between 20 to 40 pages, formatted to industry standards.

Q: Do I need to submit anything else in addition to my script?

A: Yes. A series overview and a writer’s C.V. (bio) are required along with your script. All documents should be uploaded as PDF documents.

Q: What is a “C.V.”?

A: A C.V., or “curriculum vitae”, is an overview of a writer’s past work and accomplishments, similar to a biography.

Q: How in-depth should my series synopsis be?

A: Your series synopsis can be as in-depth or brief as you would like. We recommend at least submitting an overview of the main characters and an outline for Season 1. However, it’s up to you to decide what information best represents your proposed series.

Intellectual property, copyright, and broadcast standards:

Q: What prevents the NYTVF, or any attendees, from stealing my ideas?

A: Anyone who has ever pitched an idea in the entertainment business is mindful of having ideas stolen. The NYTVF offers unique protection for independent writers attempting to promote their work by providing an open marketplace in which to showcase their talent. At the Festival, hundreds of industry figures will see your name attached to your project, and this degree of visibility offers far more protection of your idea than you would have in conventional channels such as a pitch meeting.

Q: Does my script need to be registered or copyrighted?

A: No. However, it is recommended. The following resources may assist you in copyrighting and/or registering your script: U.S. Copyright Office, Writer's Guild of America

Q: Are there any language or other broadcast standards I must stick to when making my pilot?

A: No. Submitted scripts may be written for broadcast, cable, premium cable, and/or digital platforms.  Scripts must be written in English.

Q: Can I submit my script to other festivals or script competitions?

A: Yes. However, the NYTVF does place a premium on work that has not yet been widely available to industry decision-makers.

Q: Can I re-submit a script I have submitted to a sponsored initiative with the NYTVF in the past?

A: Yes, as long as the script (or subsequent work resulting from or based on that script) has not entered into development with a network or studio. All submitting writers must have full legal rights for any project submitted to the NYTVF.

The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. A pioneer of the “independent television” movement, the Festival strives to construct new and innovative paths of development and talent identification, while simultaneously complementing the traditional television development model.