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See the winners of the 2013 IPC here.


The Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) is the NYTVF’s flagship, annual competition, accepting independently-produced, original television pilots and web series from around the globe. Official Selections from the IPC will screen in competition during the annual New York Television Festival each fall. IPC Official Selections are eligible for the competition's category and individual achievement awards as well as guaranteed development deals from Festival Development Partners.


Click here to download the official rules for the 2013 IPC and an official submission form or Click to submit, Withoutabox.

Use the links below to explore the various aspects of submitting to the IPC.

For more details, check out the Submissions F.A.Q. here or Ask the NYTVF.

audio network

Need music for your IPC submission?

NYTVF partner Audio Network is offering FREE and UNLIMITED access to their music library of over 60,000 tracks for any artist submitting to the 2013 NYTVF.

Simply set up an account by contacting Audio Network at with your name, contact details and project title.

t3 media

Need High-Quality Footage to Enhance your Independent Pilot Competition Submission?

NYTVF has partnered with T3Media (formerly Thought Equity Motion) to offer stock footage for use in the NYTVF’s Independent Pilot Competition (IPC) submissions. Utilize professionally shot clips from the world’s leading media companies (BBC Motion Gallery, National Geographic, Sony Pictures Entertainment, etc.) to help turn your vision into a reality.

  • Utilize clips from our library for FREE in your initial submission
  • If your pilot contains clips from our library and is chosen as an “Official Selection” to screen at the 2013 NYTVF, you will need to purchase a “Contest Pilot Package” – $300 (special 80% discount)—which will give producers access to an unlimited number of clips to use in their pilot screening.

To learn more or to take advantage of this special offer, contact a T3Media sales representative (877) 394-1580 or send an email with your name and phone number to Be sure to mention “NYTVF/ Independent Pilot Competition” to get set up with a special account. To start browsing T3Media’s video library, visit

Important Dates

  • 11:59 PM Friday, May 10, 2013…………….Early Submission Deadline ($30)
  • 11:59 PM, Friday, June 14, 2013…………….Regular Submission Deadline ($50)
  • 11:59 PM, Friday, June 28, 2013…………….Procrastinator Deadline ($100)

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Required Running Times

  • All pilots must have a total running time of between 4 and 22 minutes.

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  • Pilots received before the Early Submission Deadline (before 11:59 PM, May 10, 2013) ..... $30
  • Pilots received between the Early Submission Deadline and the Final Submission Deadline (May 11th—11:59 PM, June 14th, 2013) ..... $50
  • Student pilots, accompanied by a photocopy of a current, valid student ID received before the Final Submission Deadline (11:59 PM, June 14th, 2013) ..... $25
  • ALL Pilots received between the Final Submission Deadline and the Procrastinator Deadline (June 15th—11:59 PM, June 28th, 2013) ..... $100
  • Check and money orders made payable to the “New York Television Festival” or “NYTVF” are acceptable forms of payment.

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  • Programs created or funded by broadcast networks, cable networks or major production studios are ineligible to compete in the Independent Pilot Competition but may be submitted to the NYTVF for consideration as a specialty screening.
  • Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. If under the age of 18, entries must include written parental consent.
  • Programs for the Independent Pilot Competition must not have been publicly broadcast on television (except for previous broadcast on college campus television) prior to the Festival.
  • Programs may not contain any copyrighted music, images or brand names without proper clearance. For more info on US copyright law visit:
  • Foreign language programs must have English subtitles or be dubbed in English.
  • Programs must be received by 11:59 PM on June 28, 2013.

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Independent Pilot Competition Acceptance Guidelines

The New York Television Festival “Independent Pilot Competition” accepts entries beginning on February 12, 2013 and ending June 28th.  Artists are permitted to submit multiple entries to the competition.  All entries must be received by the NYTVF no later than 11:59 PM on June 28, 2013. This is not a postmark date.  Final notification for all Official Selections to the Independent Pilot Competition will be made on or around August 15th.

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Entry Packet

(DOWNLOAD) or Click to submit, Withoutabox.

  • Pilots must be submitted on playable DVDs; International submissions must be submitted on DVD formatted for multi-zone or Zone 1 (North America)
  • Produced Pilot: submitted on both playable DVDs and as a compressed video file (mp4).
    • Playable DVDS: Five (5) copies of the Pilot Program with label of Producer, Director and/or Production Company and contact information
    • Compressed video file: One (1) copy of the Pilot Program saved as a compressed/ QuickTime file on a data DVD (MP4, H.264 or MOV preferred. Recommended output minimum 640w x 348h pixels, or under 200MB)
  • One-minute pilot Trailer for promotional purposes
  • One-minute “Artist Commentary” (This should consist of brief introductory footage with the creators, producers, cast, and/or crew of the pilot, discussing any interesting production anecdotes or other points about the making of the pilot that viewers might find interesting. This is for promotional use only and WILL NOT be used to evaluate your pilot submission)
  • Trailer and commentary may be placed on the same data DVD or separate data DVDs. Both ways are acceptable. While five copies of the pilot are required, only one copy of the trailer and commentary are required.
    • Trailer and commentary should each be separate compressed file burned to a data DVD.
  • Two black-and-white or color screen capture images or digital stills from the pilot program on CD or DVD and any available press kit material
  • Signed Application Form and Entry Fee

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All submissions, accompanied by a signed Application Form and Entry Fee, must be sent to:

New York Television Festival, Attn: IPC Entries '13
121 W 27th St., Suite 901
New York, NY 10001


Dropping off your submission in person?

The NYTVF offices are located at:
121 W 27th Street (b/t 6th and 7th Avenues), Suite 901
New York, NY 10001

Have questions? Email us at GOOD LUCK!






The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. A pioneer of the “independent television” movement, the Festival strives to construct new and innovative paths of development and talent identification, while simultaneously complementing the traditional television development model.

2013 Development Partners


If you're selected as an Official Selection in the 2013 IPC, you will also be invited to participate as an Official Artist in the 2013 New York Television Festival in October.

As an Official Artist, you will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in NYTVF Pitch.

2012 NYTVF Pitch Partners

BIO Channel 4 Hasbro Studios Logo SevenOne RedArrow Sundance Channel trutv

NYTVF Pitch is a closed initiative hosted on-site at the 2013 New York Television Festival that is open ONLY to Official Festival Artists. Each Pitch Partner is offering a guaranteed deal for an outstanding pitch, but you can ONLY participate if you are named an Official Selection in the Independent Pilot Competition or a semi-finalist or finalist in one of the NYTVF's stand-alone partnered development initiatives.

More information about NYTVF Pitch.

More information about the NYTVF Artist Experience.