Artist FAQ

As an NYTVF Official Artist, you’ll be given access to top industry executives, opportunities to pitch networks, invitations to Artist-only mixers and events, and much more. But first, you have to get in.



How do I become an Official Artist?

To become an Official Artist, you need to submit a project to a specific competition or initiative and have it designated as an ‘NYTVF Official Selection.’


What are NYTVF Official Selections?

Official Selection status is applied to the following types of projects:

Once your project is designated as an Official Selection, you will be an Official Artist and receive the following:

  • Invitation to attend the week-long Festival event in the Fall
  • Eligibility to win any of our sponsored Festival Development Deals
  • Opportunity to participate in NYTVF Connect

What is NYTVF Connect?

NYTVF Connect encapsulates all of the Artist Events at the New York Television Festival. It provides Official Artists at the festival the unique opportunity to meet, pitch, network, and collaborate with the top decision makers from the nearly 60 networks, studios, agencies, production companies, and brands that are in pursuit of fresh new voices over a six day festival.


The program encompasses four unique opportunities that are each designed to maximize Festival participation for artists and executives, providing them with the tools to network, build relationships and collaborate on projects.


NYTVF Connect is free to all Official Artists, and access cannot be purchased. Only Official Artists are eligible to participate.



nytvf connect



Executive Access:

Launched in 2010, Executive Access is a program designed to put the independent content showcased at the festival in the hands of network, agency, and studio executives and to serve as a mechanism for those decision-makers to interact with the creators in meetings arranged and coordinated by Festival organizers. Sponsors receive copies of all Official Selections and have the opportunity to identify the projects and artists with whom they would like to meet at the Festival. Executive Access is a streamlined interaction model to provide both artists and executives a space to network, build relationships, and collaborate on future projects.


NYTVF Pitch:

NYTVF Pitch is a unique opportunity for Official Artists to submit NEW SHOW CONCEPTS based on creative briefs provided by participating networks and studios. Finalists chosen from the submissions have the opportunity to pitch their idea directly to development executives at the corresponding network or studio during the annual Festival. Each Pitch Partner awards a guaranteed development deal.


While many of our Pitch Partners are looking for Non-Scripted/Reality formats and ideas, we encourage creators of all genres to submit. In 2012, pitches were submitted from Official Artists in all of the year’s development initiatives.


Industry Development Chats:

Development Chats are half-hour Q&A’s with executives, agents, and important decision-makers in the television community. They give Artists a forum in which to gain insight and ask questions about the current state of the industry.


Happy Hours and Networking Mixers:

Happy Hours and Networking Mixers are an opportunity for Official Artists to mingle with fellow creators in a more casual and friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to meet new people creating independent content and work towards future collaboration. Some Happy Hours are open to General Public.


nytvf connect



2012 Festival Stats


Amount, in US dollars, of guaranteed development funding offered by NYTVF Development Partners in 2012


Development partners offering guaranteed development funding at the 2012 NYTVF


Amount, in US dollars, NYTVF Artists are required to pay for an Official Artist Pass to attend the 2012 New York Television Festival


Total number of submissions received for consideration in the NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition and stand-alone sponsored development initiatives in 2012


Projects chosen as Official Selections in 2012


Official Artists attending the festival


Number of Executive Access meetings and NYTVF Pitch meetings that were facilitated by NYTVF organizers between Official Artists and participating industry decision-makers as part of NYTVF Connect


Free Events, including screenings, premieres, panels and networking events open to the general public during the week of the Festival


Artist-Only Events providing NYTVF’s class of 2012 Official Artists with exclusive access to NYTVF Industry Partners



Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

What the Industry has to say:


"No longer do storytellers need to max out credit cards and sell their own blood to stitch together 90 minutes of film to show at Sundance or Telluride. Instead, they can make mini-TV shows and show them to development executives with an equal love of original voices and thrift."

- Tim Molloy, The Wrap


"At its best, indie TV allows a platform for voices not often represented on TV. Similarly, it allows for more unconventional storytelling. "

- Todd VanDerWerff, The A.V. Club


"[Aspiring] television creators are getting a shot at practicing their crafts on the next level."

- The Hollywood Reporter


“Comedy is so vibrant and exciting right now, and our annual collaboration with the NYTVF to discover, cultivate and support new comedy writers is as important as ever. We are so grateful to the NYTVF and the artists who have participated in the contest for the last five years. It's incredibly gratifying to help break down traditional barriers so that original voices can be heard.”

- Suzanna Makkos and Marcus Wiley, Senior Vice Presidents and co-heads of Comedy Development, Fox

“It’s helpful to the next generation of TV makers to get some insight into how it’s done. Because Lord knows I needed all the help I could get.”

- Marc Cherry, Creator and Executive Producer of “Desperate Housewives”

“It’s incredibly important. It’s such a great opportunity.”

- Joel Fields, Exec Producer “Ugly Betty” and “Rizzoli & Isles”

“We believe it’s important to support nontraditional forums like the New York Television Festival in their efforts to cultivate the next generation of innovative storytellers.”

- Kevin Reilly, President of Entertainment, Fox

“(The Festival)…is a wonderful showcase for our industry. It’s a great forum for new talent as well as a celebration of television.”

- Ben Silverman, Founder and CEO, Electus

“This is a forum that celebrates, encourages, and promotes creative television programming.”

- Doug Herzog, President, MTV Networks

“Lots of people say they have ideas for television shows, but few have the passion and drive to execute them. The Festival provides those people an opportunity to expose their work to industry professionals who normally wouldn’t see it.”

- Mike Scully, Producer of “The Simpsons” and “Parks & Recreation”

What our 2012 Artists have to say:

"As an independent writer/producer of television content, I’ve hit almost every festival possible that offers a “television pilot” competition. There is not one festival that compares to the NYTVF. The level of talent, the events, the organization, the supportive, friendly smiling faces of the staff, the caliber of industry who attend, give panels, take meetings, view the pilots and give development deals makes for an amazing opportunity to learn, network and actually sell your show. It truly is THE BEST festival ever!"

- Rene Ashton, 2012 Artist, Actors Anonymous
Winner of 2012 VH1 “Theory of Creativity” Award

"The NYTVF is one of the most thoroughly helpful festivals I have ever been a part of. From the meetings and contacts to the festival screenings and classes there is so much to do, and it's all set up to help the artists. And free beer."

- Ash Louis, 2012 Artist, The Dangerous Wanderings of C. Philip Montgomery

"NYTVF offered us a platform that simply does not exist elsewhere. We don't fit, as animators, neatly into other animation festivals because we are not a "film." We are a TV show that is not yet on TV. Heck, I have a hard time finding shows that ARE on TV. We loved meeting the other artists, meeting execs, and loved working with the Festival Staff. A fantastic experience."

- Pat Giles, 2012 Artist, Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon (Design Supervisor - Daria, Character/Prop Designer - Disney's Doug)
Winner, Amazon Studios Audience Award

"The NYTVF is an amazing festival that gives independent TV creators actual results! The vibe is awesome and the festival is an amazing learning experience. If you are a serious independent TV creator then you have to do this festival."

- Nick Armstrong, 2012 Artist, Perfect Game (Featured Actor - Parks and Recreation, The Office, Jimmy Kimmel Live) - Winner in NYTVF Pitch

"In a relatively short time NYTVF has garnered a great reputation in the industry, so I was pleased to finally experience it first hand. I was amazed that we artists had such access to top level development executives. The "Development Chats" allowed me to hear these executives speak candidly about how they choose material and what they look for in pitch meetings. And the intimate nature of these chats enabled me to freely ask questions and learn about the development process, which is something I didn't have much experience with as an actor. The pitch contest gave me immediate and much needed experience in actually pitching a network. As a result, I now have a professional rapport with top decision makers from major cable companies. And on top of it all, I got to meet other indie TV artists and see the exciting work that is being created out there. NYTV is the place for indie TV creators, and indie TV is well on its way to the mainstream."

- Carrie Preston, 2012 Artist, The Dody Show (Actress - The Good Wife, True Blood)
Winner in NYTVF Pitch

"The NYTVF provides a wonderful opportunity to network with industry decision-makers, as well as other talented writers, producers and directors. Coming from the feature film world, it was a fantastic education on how the TV industry works, and we made some valuable industry contacts with whom we are pursuing further projects."

- Kynan Griffin, 2012 Artist, The Shadow Cabal (Producer - Moving McAllister, Osombie, Dawn of the Dragonslayer, Vamp U) - Winner in NYTVF Pitch

"The expertly run New York Television Festival is breathing new life into the TV world by creating a tangible pathway to success for independent artists. Winning the best writing award in 2011 directly led to our signing with a top management company, then a NYTVF develop chat turned us on to a successful writing gig for Vh1. Now, winning the Samsung competition in 2012 has the potential to launch our careers. If we are lucky enough to one day give an acceptance speech for our work in television, then the first people we'll thank are Terence Gray and NYTVF (after our parents that is)."

- Joseph Saroufim & Debbie Singer, 2012 Artist, D-Tec
Winner of Samsung Second Screen Storytellers Initiative

"Coming from the UK, NYTVF has allowed me to step right into the American television industry and secure a development deal. Ordinarily this would have taken years, but with NYTVF organizing pitch programs, development chats and executive meetings I now feel I have the knowledge and connections to be a credible presence within the US market. The American television industry is abundant with opportunities and NYTVF has helped me access them."

- Claire Daly, 2012 Artist, The New Bromantics
Winner of NYTVF London Deal with Fox TV Studios and Apostle

"The NYTVF is an invaluable opportunity for emerging artists to get their work seen. Each project is treated with the utmost attention and respect. We are so grateful for the experience. The NYTVF gave our project a life we never expected!"

- Jacey Heldrich, 2012 Artist, Galaxy Comics
2012 Winner, MTV Comedy Award