Winner Announced


The NYTVF is pleased to announce that "The Venue," created by Kevin Fleming, Al Samuels, Steven Fleming, and Katie Nahnsen of Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA, is the winner of the first-ever Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.


Additionally, the submission was directed by Alex Fendrich, produced by Cap Gun Collective, and edited by Whitehouse Post. The project was selected by Comedy Central from a group of twenty-five finalists in the inaugural initiative, and the winners will receive $7,500 and a development deal with the network. All twenty-five finalists will be invited to the 8th Annual New York Television Festival as Official Artists and enjoy exclusive opportunities available through NYTVF Connect.


Congratulations to the team from "The Venue," and all of the finalists, and thank you to those that submitted and especially to Comedy Central for their support of this initiative!


Finalists Announced


The NYTVF is pleased to announce the following selections have been named finalists in the first-ever Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition and will advance to the network for consideration. A winner will be identified in the coming months and will receive $7,500 and a development deal with Comedy Central. Additionally, all twenty-five finalists will be invited to the 8th Annual New York Television Festival as Official Artists and enjoy exclusive opportunities available through NYTVF Connect.


Congratulations to the finalists and sincerest thanks to all who entered!



  • Anyone’s Guess
    Created by: Scott McCabe and Tory Stanton – Berkeley, CA

  • Complex
    Created by: Mike Leffingwell – Los Angeles, CA

  • Drama School
    Created by: Frank Cappello – Los Angeles, CA

  • Empty Women
    Created by: Jesse Barksdale, Joe Craig, Caleb Rugg and Jessica Wilson-Silas – New York, NY

  • Evil Dictator School
    Created by: Brian Christensen and Joey Severini – New York, NY

  • Gold Farmers
    Created by: Greg Burke and Lou Perez – New York, NY

  • Grumpkin Hollow
    Created by: Andy Beckerman and Mark Bisi – New York, NY

  • Honk If You're an LA Douchebag
    Created by: Brandon Klaus and Rachel Skidmore – Los Angeles, CA

  • Hunters
    Created by: Nathan Floody – New York, NY

  • I Think We Got It
    Created by: Dan Lippert, Jon Mackey, Ryan Rosenberg and Drew Tarver – Los Angeles, CA

  • Kleptos
    Created by: Chris Demarais and Aaron Marquis – Austin, TX

  • Life Sucks
    Created by: Allyson Condrath, Max Fox, Jake Mann, Kyle Miller and Ian Wexler – Brooklyn, NY

  • Negatives
    Created by: Eddie King, Tyler Marshall, Paul Richardson and Ryan Richardson – Provo, UT

  • Onassis
    Created by: Emily Altman, Benjamin Apple, Eric Cunningham, Frank Hejl, Drake Miller, Jason Saenz and Mike Scollins – New York, NY

  • Perfect Game
    Created by: Nick Armstrong and Trevor Tevel – Los Angeles, CA

  • Planet Awesome
    Created by: Chris O’Brien and Nate Williams – New York, NY

  • Retail
    Created by: Derek Baynham and Kelly May – Santa Monica, CA

  • Robot Apocalypse
    Created by: Will Bozarth and Stephen Soroka – New York, NY

  • Safe At Home
    Created by: Nipper Knapp, Matthew Letscher and Andrew Newberg – Los Angeles, CA

  • Sarah's Ghost
    Created by: Dave Child and Brooke Lenzi – Los Angeles, CA

  • Startups
    Created by: Kevin Mead, Darren Miller, and Kirk Larsen – New York, NY

  • Stoners with a Time Machine
    Created by: David Fedor, John Feightner, Larry Phillis and Joe Wichryk II – Pittsburgh, PA

  • The Thin Blu Line
    Created by: Spencer McCurnin and Derek Schleelein – Chicago, IL

  • The Trouble With Charlie
    Created by: Victor Varnado – New York, NY

  • The Venue
    Created by: Kevin Fleming, Steven Fleming, Katie Nahnsen and Al Samuels – Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA

Submission Info

The New York Television Festival and Comedy Central have teamed up to offer aspiring TV writers and producers the opportunity to win $7,500 and a development deal with Comedy Central!


Use the links below to explore the various aspects of submitting to the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.

Comedy Central is looking for fun, fresh points of view that fit into the Comedy Central brand of comedy. The following scripted-comedy formats would apply: sketch, narrative/single-camera sitcom, animated and "late night" comedy (game shows, panel shows, etc.). Non-scripted formats are not applicable for this competition, regardless of hilarity.

What do I need to submit?comedy central

  • An eight to fifteen (8-15) minute Pilot Presentation
  • A shooting script of the episode
  • Signed Entry Packet

Click here to download the official rules and an official submission form


The submission period will open at 12pm (noon) EST on October 12, 2011 and will close at 12pm (noon) EST on January 27, 2012. All submissions must be received during this time period, without exception.


Finalists will receive designation as 2012 NYTVF Official Artists and be invited to the New York Television Festival, held in NYC in October 2012.


A screening committee of NYTVF officials will narrow the pool of entrants down to 25 finalists which will be presented to Comedy Central development executives. One winner will be selected by Comedy Central and he/she will receive a development deal from the network. Additionally, Comedy Central may elect to enter into development agreements with additional finalists.


Comedy Central will retain an exclusive option to enter into development deals with all Finalists' Entries for a period of three (3) months following the selection of the Finalists (which shall be on or about February 29, 2012).


Click here to download the official rules for the 2012 Comedy Central Pilot Competition and an official submission form.


For more details Ask the NYTVF.


audio network

Need music for your submission?

NYTVF partner Audio Network is offering FREE and UNLIMITED access to their music library of over 40,000 tracks for any artist submitting to the 2012 NYTVF.

Simply set up an account by contacting Audio Network at with your name, contact details and project title. More details here

Important Dates

  • October 12, 2011…………….Submission Period Begins
  • 12:00 PM Noon January 27, 2012…………….Submission Deadline
  • Finalists to be announced approximately March 11, 2012
  • Winner to be announced approximately April 26, 2012

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Required Running Times

  • All pilots must have a total running time of between 8 and 15 minutes.

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  • There is no fee to enter the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition.

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  • Programs created, funded or in development by broadcast networks, cable networks or major production studios are ineligible to compete in the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition
  • The initiative is open to U.S. residents age 18 and over who do not have any contractual commitments preventing them from entering into an exclusive development deal with Comedy Central.
  • Programs for the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition must not have been publicly broadcast on television
  • Programs may not contain any copyrighted music (see here)
  • Programs must be received by 12:00 PM Noon January 27, 2012

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Acceptance Guidelines

The New York Television Festival “Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition” accepts entries beginning on October 12, 2011 and ending January 27, 2012.  Artists are permitted to submit multiple entries to the competition.  All entries must be received by the NYTVF no later than 12:00 PM Noon on January 27, 2012. This is not a postmark date.  Finalist notifications will be made on or around February 29, 2012.

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Entry Packet

(Download Here)

  • Pilots must be submitted on playable DVDs
  • Five (5) copies of the Pilot Program with label of Producer, Director and/or Production Company and contact information
  • The shooting script of the submitted pilot must be sent as both hardcopy and a PDF on a data DVD. Script should be properly formatted for a television pilot.
  • Signed Application Form

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All submissions, accompanied by a signed Application Form, must be sent to:

New York Television Festival, Attn: Comedy Central Entries '12
22 W 19th St., Suite 5R
New York, NY 10011

The New York Television Festival was founded in 2005 as the industry’s first creative festival for television artists. A pioneer of the “independent television” movement, the Festival strives to construct new and innovative paths of development and talent identification, while simultaneously complementing the traditional television development model.


If you're selected as a finalist in the Comedy Central Pilot Competition, you will also be invited to participate as an Official Artist in the 2012 New York Television Festival, from October 22 - 27 in Manhattan.

As an Official Artist, you will have the exclusive opportunity to participate in NYTVF Pitch.

2012 NYTVF Pitch Partners

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NYTVF Pitch is a closed initiative hosted on-site at the 2012 New York Television Festival that is open ONLY to Official Festival Artists. Each Pitch Partner is offering a guaranteed deal for an outstanding pitch, but you can ONLY participate if you are named an Official Selection in the 2012 Independent Pilot Competition or a semi-finalist or finalist in one of the NYTVF's stand-alone partnered development initiatives.

More information about NYTVF Pitch.

More information about the NYTVF Artist Experience.