2008 Sponsors

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PGP-NYTVF Flying Solo ABC FOX MySpace NYTVF Channel NBC HBO CBS CW MSN THR PCAs wma A&E History Lifetime E! Comedy Central Bravo Rainbow AMC IFC Sundance Channel WE truTV Vh1 MTV Nickelodeon DWT Spike CAA NS Beinstock Loeb & Loeb Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz Minyanville Adobe FutureMedia MipCom Bud Wine Library TV MOFTB blip.tv ICN AFI DCI maniaTV FYI Stage 9 Eqal Newt New Networks HungrymanTV Mint Digital WellcomeMat Media Bytes New York 411 Reebok Sports Club Moe Hallak Design Impulse DEP NY Video 2.0 NY ComicCon Web 2.0 Expo Shooting People DCTV NY Anime Festival NY Post Production Conference Writer's Boot Camp production Hgub The P.I.T. Chipotle Cabot Carmines Zyr Media Xchange TV4 SVT NYTVF 2008 SPONSOR BOARD

The New York Television Festival has positioned itself and its partners on the forefront of a rapidly evolving and expanding medium.

The Festival seeks to establish relationships with other corporate backers looking to become part of an exciting new artistic movement.