Special Screening: D-TEC
Special Screening: D-TEC
Digital Day
(45 mins)

Winner of the 2012 Samsung Second Screen Storytellers Challenge at NYTVF, D-TEC is the first of its kind; a TV series that utilizes synchronized narrative second screen content to expand the story and create an integrated and immersive viewing experience.

D-TEC is a futuristic, neo-noir crime procedural about two unlikely partners at Outlook PI, a high-tech private detective agency. Tech wiz kid Andy Dearing has finally achieved his dream of becoming a private investigator. However, when assigned to his first murder mystery, Andy is forced to team up with the legendary Frankie Powell, an instinct driven detective with a strong distaste for new technology. Ideologies quickly clash and the two gumshoes find that working together will be as complicated as the mysteries they face.

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