Samsung and the New York Television Festival are seeking original narrative television pilots with second screen extension material for the first ever Samsung Second Screen Storytellers initiative.

The following is a list of questions that may be useful in preparing your submission. For a full list of rules and guidelines, please download the official rules and an official submission form.

Please note: if you have questions regarding another NYTVF initiative, please download the Official Rules that are specific to that contest. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly at ASK NYTVF.

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Narrative Guidelines:

Q: Is this initiative for half-hour or hour-long shows?

A: Because of the innovative nature of this competition, we are not looking for the traditional half-hour or hour-long television show, but we encourage you find ways to tweak and enhance these formats. The winning project will be used as the basis for three (3) ten-minute episodes on Samsung devices.

Q: What genres are eligible for the Samsung Second Screen Storytellers Initiative?

A: There are no specific guidelines for genre (comedy, drama, animated, etc.), as long as the submission is narrative in concept. We encourage you to take the technology into consideration when thinking of demographic and target audience.

Q: Are non-scripted submissions allowed?

A: Non-scripted shows are eligible; however, the content must be narrative in genre. The submitted material should exhibit a story arc, as well as the establishment of characters and conflict that can be extended throughout a series and branch into sub-narrative story lines using a second screen device.

Q: Do I have to feature Samsung products in my submission?

A: Not at all. This is not a branded content initiative. Incorporating Samsung products into your narrative will have no effect on your submission's chances.

Second Screen Guidelines:

Q: Can my second screen content be a PDF of my pilot script? Can it be a still photo or JPG?

A: The second screen content should be produced material (a video clip) and not a static image.

Q: Should I be concerned about how to activate this new technology as it applies to my submission?

A: You should only be concerned with telling your story in the best way possible. If selected, the team at Samsung will help to facilitate all technical aspects of the second screen activation.

Q: Can my second screen content be interactive?

A: Yes, we encourage you to use the second screen in imaginative ways, but remember, the content should be narrative in nature – a produced video and not a static image.

Content Screening Guidelines:

Q: How does the screening committee know when to view our second screen content?

A: There are a number of ways to illustrate when your second screen content should be activated, and we don't want to limit you in terms of creativity. The key is to make sure it's clear (either with an indicator in the pilot or specific runtime(s) and instructions in the treatment) when and for how long we should be considering the second screen material.

Q: Can I have multiple, shorter second screen components that are meant to be played at different times during the pilot?

A: Yes. The sum of your second screen material should not exceed a total runtime of 2 minutes. (Ex. Four (4) separate 30-second clips of second screen content.)

Q: Will my pilot and second screen content be running simultaneously?

A: The Samsung technology enables you to incorporate the second screen material how and when you believe it best benefits the story. The interpretation and activation of that technology in regards to your series is up to you!

Required Materials and Eligibility Guidelines

Q: Do I submit the pilot and second screen content on separate DVDs or can they be on one disc?

A: The pilot episode and second screen content should be on SEPARATE discs, five (5) copies of each. In total, your submission should include eleven (11) DVDs:
• five (5) copies of the pilot episode
• five (5) copies of the second screen content
• one (1) PDF version of the treatment on a data disc.
If you have multiple clips of second screen materials, please put the different content on the same “second screen” disc with a main menu for navigating.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can submit or that the NYTVF can receive?

A: There is no limit to the number of submissions an individual or company can submit. The NYTVF will accept all submissions received before deadline.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of creators for my submission?

A: There is no limit on the number of creators; however, the NYTVF requires one submitter to be designated as the point person for the project.

Q: Can I submit a project that has been submitted to other NYTVF contests?

A: Projects still in consideration for any NYTVF competition CANNOT be submitted to the Samsung Initiative. For instance, finalists in the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition, in which the winner has already been announced, are eligible to submit the same project to this competition. We anticipate to announce 2012 IPC Official Selections no later than August 22.

Clearance Guidelines:

Q: Should I be concerned with clearances and copyright when shooting my pilot?

A: Yes, the rules of this contest follow standard copyright laws. Copyright infringement is a subjective matter, and the easiest way to avoid a situation in which the Festival screening committees must make a judgment on the use of copyrighted material in your pilot is to avoid this material altogether. If you are concerned about the use of copyrighted material in your pilot, this link leads to a helpful primer on the fair use of copyrighted materials in online video

Remember, Audio Network and T3Media are offering free music and footage exclusively to NYTVF artists for this initiative. We encourage you to take advantage of these options!

Q: Are there any language or other broadcast standards I must stick to when making my project?

A: You are free to include content in your pilot that would be acceptable on a show airing on a basic cable network (ex. USA, TNT). No gratuitous violence, nudity or language.

Q: When/What is the Consumer Electronics Show?

A: The 2013 International CES takes place January 8-11 in Las Vegas. Find out more here.

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Check out the video for a short demo of how Samsung's second screen technology works.